Consolidated list of angular cli commands

Using angular cli commands you can easily scaffold and build the angular application. Here I list and discuss the commands available in angular cli. As you know Angular development approach changes and the architecture got numerous improvements after the latest release.  Along with that the angular/cli also upgrade to support the modern angular javascript framework.

angular cli commands


angular/cli is a tool that helps you to start, build and test you angular application easily. angular/cli uses several commands to initialize, scaffold and maintain the application. Let’s see the most commonly used commands while creating the angular application. Before starting you need to install the angular/cli package.

Note:npm uninstall -g angular-cli @angular/cli && npm cache clean && npm install –save-dev @angular/cli@latest

Consolidated list of angular cli commands

angular/cli action



New Applicationng new app-nameng new app-name
Create Componentng generate component component-nameng g c component-name
Create Directiveng generate directive directive-nameng g d directive-name
Create Pipeng generate pipe pipe-nameng g p pipe-name
Create Serviceng generate service service-nameng g s service-name
Create Classng generate class class-nameng g cl class-name
Create Guardng generate guard guard-nameng g g guard-name
Create Interfaceng generate interface interface-nameng g i interface-name
Create Enumng generate enum enum-nameng g e enum-name
Create Moduleng generate module module-nameng g m module-name
Lint using tslintng lintng lint
Build & run unit testng testng test
Run end to end testng e2eng e2e
Compile application to output Dirng build (–dev/–prod)ng build (–dev/–prod)
Eject app and create proper webpack configuration and script bundleng ejectng eject
Extract localization i18n message from templateng xi18nng xi18n
Build and start web serverng serveng serve

The above mentioned are the basic angular/cli commands. You can also use options as a parameter along with the commands to narrow down the required behavior of cli.

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