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Must Need VSCode extensions for Angular Development.

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Here I listed the most unique , useful & must need VSCode extensions for Angular development.

Set the Default Value to Select in Angular 5 iterated with Array of Objects

Here, the simple and easy way to set default value to select in Angular 5 which is iterated with an array of objects. Let’s consider the below sample object which is going to iterate in the select options [ { "userName": "User1", "userId": "1", "userRole": "admin" }, { "userName":

Consolidated list of angular cli commands

Using angular cli commands you can easily scaffold and build the angular application. Here I list and discuss the commands available in angular cli. As you know Angular development approach changes and the architecture got numerous improvements after the latest release.  Along with that the angular/cli also upgrade to support

Understanding Webpack Configuration – [simplified]

Understanding webpack configuration with example codes is much easier than a detailed paragraph. Recently  Angular [Latest version] also use webpack for bundle the application. You can use webpack with any of the latest  Javascript libraries like react to bundle the application. Here I add webpack configuration file and explain the concept and configuration

How To Send Push Notification In Ionic Android App

In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to send Push Notification in Ionic Apps in a simple and more efficient way. Here am using Firebase Cloud Messaging (Google Cloud Messaging) for Android push notification and OneSignal to manage more segments for push notification to users and various platforms.

Know Basic TypeScript Features Before Starting Angular

TypeScript isn’t completely a new language, it is a super script of ES6 (ECMA script 6) and it is an official collaboration between Microsoft & Google. ES6 is an advanced version of ES5 ( regular javascript).   TS or ES6 is not completely supported by all the browsers as

Upgrade Application from Angular 2 to Angular 4

Angular 2 to Angular 4 upgrade is much easier than you imagine. Minimal changes in your package.json and tsconfig.json is enough to run your app developed in angular 2.  As Angular has backward compatibility which runs previous release apps in the new upgraded version. Angular 2 to Angular 4 Pakage.json changes For

Angular directive that dynamically change input box width respective to the placeholder

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Recently I get with a requirement to dynamically change input box width respective to the placeholder length. Now I am going to give a small heads up about use case and how I accomplished the task. Mission: This application is developed with angularJs. As it has multiple language support

Simple Method to Localize your Angularjs Project

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Localize your Angularjs Project is so simple, Angularjs has its own l10n & i18n scripts which are responsible for localizing the date, number and currency into your project but it has some restrictions with it. If you want to load specific locale library from angular js it can be done

Post Feeds to Facebook wall from Web / Mobile Application.

Under this topic, Am sharing that how I implemented a functionality to post feed to users Facebook wall. I used javascript HTTP post method and Facebook Graph API to achieve this. Am taking a hybrid mobile application was developed using Ionic and AngularJs as an example. That application has