5 Essential Browser Plugins for Frontend Developers

Along with developer tool of chrome, I have 5 essential browser plugins which make me feel more flexible with developing and debugging the web application. I always keep these plugins to make my work easy. Most you may already come across a couple of these plugins but rest will lighten and faster your development process.

Essential Browser Plugins

Essential Browser Plugins


Colorzilla is a most useful and essential browser plugin for effective color sampling which allows you to pick a color from the live page or a pallet or browse colors. Along with that Colorzilla have a web page sampler that allows you to create pallet group that is used in the sampled web page. Colorzilla also has the css gradient generator which automatically generates the css code for the designed gradient.

Available for : Chrome / Firefox

Page Ruler

Most useful and flexible ruler tool to measure the pixel perfect dimension of the elements on the screen. Fast and reliable when compared to the other measuring tools available. Measuring is so simple, just click, drag and get the dimensions.

Available for :  Chrome / Firefox

Note : If you need ruler for Firefox try MeasureIt

Fontface Ninja 

Essential browser plugin to analyze and verify the font face used across the website. The lovely feature is the UI of the extension. You can also feel it by activate the extension and hover the mouse on the required text. A pop-up clearly shows the Font Family, size vertical and horizontal line spacing.

Available for : Chrome / Firefox

Css Viewer

This extension allows you to view the consolidated css property of the element. It’s so easy,  just activate the plugin by right click in the browser window and select the Css Viewer from the right popup menu.  After that hovers the mouse on the element. A new css popup panel appears and lists all the consolidated css attribute and value of the elements. Use”Esc” key to close the popup.  This extension is more helpful in debugging phase.

Available for: Chrome / Firefox

Lorem Ipsum Generator

This is a handy extension to create an appealable dummy text while developing the website. If you are developing a site in WordPress or on any CMS this extension will help you to get the dummy text in a couple of clicks. The best part is it’s an open source project.

Available for: Chrome

If you need extension for Firefox try Dummy Lipsum

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