Most Common Genesis Hooks and Filters – [WordPress]

I  will list all the most common Genesis hooks and filters used by me while developing a website without boring you with more contents. For a basic overview of Genesis framework read here. While customizing a WordPress,  use a child theme to make all your changes so your parent theme

Genesis Framework Simple Reference Guide

In Genesis Framework Simple Reference Guide, Let’s start with a small intro about Genesis framework. Genesis framework is most flexible WordPress theme with more customization option. Genesis framework let you develop a site on WordPress in a way you want it. If you prefer WordPress for development this framework will give

Setup Sass In Create-React-App Without Ejecting

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If you are using Create-React-App module to manage your no configuration react application development environment, this guide is to setup Sass compiler into the environment without ejecting the setup. We know create-react-app comes with eject option, which will deploy all automatic confirmation to manual configuration, Even for a professional

Password protection to Website using htaccess

Password protection to Website using .htaccess is much easier than you ever think. This .htaccess authentication is not only for protection. As a developer, we always have multiple staging and dev environment before production. So authenticating those web servers with .htaccess is recommended.  Especially authenticating website with .htaccess will protect your environment from unauthorized access

Popular Frontend Framework you must try at least once.

Web development reaches new era after the HTML5 and CSS3. The frontend framework is the first thing hits our mind whenever we hearing the word “Let’s develop a new website”. While architecting the project everyone prefer to use the popular front-end frameworks. This is common that the people like

Angular directive that dynamically change input box width respective to the placeholder

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Recently I get with a requirement to dynamically change input box width respective to the placeholder length. Now I am going to give a small heads up about use case and how I accomplished the task. Mission: This application is developed with angularJs. As it has multiple language support

Image zoom for e-commerce

Folks this time lets make some fun with implementing product image zoom for e-commerce site by using jQuery and customizing some jQuery plugins. Now lots of new frameworks and libraries available for the JavaScript. Even though jQuery still hold its better position. It is still used because of its flexibility

Simple Method to Localize your Angularjs Project

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Localize your Angularjs Project is so simple, Angularjs has its own l10n & i18n scripts which are responsible for localizing the date, number and currency into your project but it has some restrictions with it. If you want to load specific locale library from angular js it can be done

Turn Google Bar chart into Tornado Chart (Butterfly Chart)

Google chart visualization provide multiple varieties of charts to addressing your data visualization needs. The good things about the Google chart are it had lots of customization option and also it is absolutely free to integrate and use with your web application. Google chart includes lots of inbuilt customization

Post Feeds to Facebook wall from Web / Mobile Application.

Under this topic, Am sharing that how I implemented a functionality to post feed to users Facebook wall. I used javascript HTTP post method and Facebook Graph API to achieve this. Am taking a hybrid mobile application was developed using Ionic and AngularJs as an example. That application has