Post Feeds to Facebook wall from Web / Mobile Application.

Under this topic, Am sharing that how I implemented a functionality to post feed to users Facebook wall. I used javascript HTTP post method and Facebook Graph API to achieve this.

Am taking a hybrid mobile application was developed using Ionic and AngularJs as an example. That application has the option to share user check-ins, favorites & activity kind of stuff.

Post to facebook wall from mobile applicaiton


The mission is to post the recent activity of the user to the Facebook wall if share to Facebook option is enabled. The another task is to display posted via “App_Name” and the link to the respective web page in the bottom of the feed.

Mission accomplished

To accomplish the mission of posting the user data to Facebook wall I used the HTTP post method and the Facebook Graph API as I mentioned above.

Code snippets

try {
 .then(function(success) {
   // save access_token
   var accessToken = success.authResponse.accessToken;
   var app_id = "Your App ID";
   var content = '&message=YOUR_CUSTOM_MESSAGE&link=YOUR_TARGET_LINK&caption=POST_VIA_NAME&picture=PICTURE_URL';
   var url = "" + app_id + "&access_token=" + accessToken + content;
   $ {
    // success action
} catch (_error) {
  // Error action

The above example of the application using Ionic & AngularJS

Note: you can use the url variable on any HTTP post or ajax calls

Code Brief

Getting the user login status before posting the feed

on success am getting the user auth token from facebook.

  • app_Id   = facebook developer application ID.
  • YOUR_CUSTOM_MESSAGE : The message to display in the feed
  • YOUR_TARGET_LINK: The URL to navigate if the user click on the Facebook post
  • POST_VIA_NAME : Application / Website name.
    PICTURE_URL: URL of the picture to post along with message

constructing an URL to use with HTTP post method.

Call HTTP post method. Do the success action id the call succeed else it end with “Error action”.

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